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Heavy Moving/Rigging 

Scott Heavy Movers is equipped to handle your rigging and heavy transport needs with engineered solutions tailored to the specifications of your job. Our services include, but are not limited to, large tank transport, transformers transport, transportation work at shipyards, bridge lifts, and more.

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House & Building Moving

Structural moving begins with a combination of supporting and lifting the structure before it goes anywhere. Structure types we pick up and move include frame, stone, block, log, and brick houses, and concrete and steel commercial buildings. Scott Heavy Movers use modern structural moving technology to ensure each building we move is protected while it's safely relocated to a new site.

House & Building Raising

Why lift a building or home? There are several scenarios where lifting your home or building can be a viable way to protect it and improve it—it's when you need to prevent flooding, replace a crumbling or settling foundation, add a story, or increase space in a commercial building. Whether raising your building eight inches or over twelve feet, our cutting-edge structural lifting equipment and years of experience let us do that!

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