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Historic Victorian House

This historic 139-year-old Victorian "Englander" was a sight to see winding down San Francisco's narrow streets.

Scott Heavy Movers successfully orchestrated the relocation of a historic Victorian home in San Francisco. The 133-ton house, affectionately known as the "Englander," was carefully transported 0.6 miles through the narrow streets of Downtown San Francisco. The move required maneuvering the house from a level lot onto the steeply graded Franklin Street hill, a task that demanded precision and expertise. However, the Scott family's legacy in house moving and their collaboration with Phil Joy House Moving and Leveling, another experienced company, helped ensure the success of this historic relocation.


As the Scott team concluded the project by removing the dollies supporting the house at its new location on Fulton Street, they looked back on this move as one of the most challenging endeavors they had ever undertaken. The preparation alone, including coordinating various parties to clear the route and overcome logistical obstacles, proved to be an arduous task. However, the support and enthusiasm from the community, which drew comparisons to the house from Disney's "Up," bolstered Scott and his team throughout the process.


The successful relocation of the 140-year-old Victorian home marked a significant event for San Francisco, which hadn't witnessed a house move of this magnitude in over 45 years. The outpouring of support from the city's residents, who rallied behind the preservation of historical buildings. In an industry where saving and relocating structures is often met with minimal attention, the community's overwhelming response demonstrated their appreciation for the cultural heritage embodied by these architectural treasures.


Overall, the house move in San Francisco represented a remarkable feat accomplished by Cameron Scott and his team of dedicated professionals. Their expertise, coupled with the cooperation of various entities, allowed this historic Victorian home to find a new foundation and continue captivating future generations with its timeless charm.

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