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Oak Knoll Naval Hospital

Formally a clubhouse turned into officers' club during WWII, this building is a part of a huge redevelopment planned in Oakland.

On the former site of the Oak Knoll Naval Hospital, Scott Heavy Movers successfully relocated the century-old Club Knoll building to make way for the upcoming housing and commercial project. Originally constructed in 1924 as a clubhouse, it was later converted into an officers’ club during World War II when the site was converted into a Naval Hospital to treat American military personnel--who had been wounded in the Pacific theater. Years later, it also treated those who had been wounded in the Korean and Vietnam wars. The hospital base closed in 1996 in an official Navy ceremony. The Club Knoll remains the only significant structure that survived after a former naval hospital, a warehouse, and living quarters were demolished in 2011.

Weighing in at 750 tons and sprawling 14,000 square feet, the historic structure underwent a separation process into four sections and was transported on dollies across the 187-acre property. In its new life, the club is to be converted into a community space for the incoming 900 homes that are to be developed on the former site of the Naval Hospital.

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